LaserStation is a high-tech, live action laser shooting game played within a tech themed area full of special effects, lighting, pulsating music as well as other players to interact with that will create an exciting interactive gaming and entertainment adventure.

Who can play at LaserStation?

Between 5 & 7 supervised & anyone over the age of 7 can play at LaserStation. We can arrange special occasions for company groups, hen/stag parties, birthday parties plus many more. This special booking can even allow the group booking to have the whole arena to yourselves for the duration of the booking.

How do I play?

Before the game starts the players are familiarised with the rules of the game. These are designed to make sure that the game experience is safe and fun for everyone taking part. Then all of the players receive the game gear, which includes the game pack vest and the laser gun.

Players can choose to join either a team if that is the game preference or as an individual game. Team games are a great way for you and your friends to test yourselves against other players and build up that command post taking out all invading forces! However, if you would rather have a battle to prove who is the best individual player then the game can be set to free-for-all. In this game mode there are no teams and each player competes to get the highest individual score which is calculated on a ratio of shots fired / number of hits given and number of hits received.

Each player is given a game pack armour vest and the all important laser weapon. The gun and body armour both have hit sensors built in to them, all of which have different score ratings.

What should I wear?

Casual close to allow free movement would be best and given the style of lighting used in the arena, darker clothes are better as they offer greater camouflage. Only flat shoes are to be worn inside of the arena.

How many people can play?

Up to 20 people can play at once and you can play in teams or as individuals.

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